Moser Bay Furniture is truly a classic name that stands for "Ancient meets New Age." Offering furniture, textiles and home décor products. Each item is beautifully upholstered featuring all the practical aspects required for contemporary living.

At Moser Bay Furniture we always return to the spirit of the original; using antique pieces, museum references and period prints as inspiration. The attention to detail is reflected by the style and quality of the end product executed through extensive research. Beautiful headboards and bedframes inspired by the finest designs, from Louis XIII through Rococo, to Empire and Regency. Our collection includes stylish, classic, and luxurious fabric covered button detailing which furnishing a distinctive atmosphere in your home.

The leading brand in the aspirational home lifestyle. Moser Bay Furniture has built its reputation on delivering inspired products made with the best materials, the finest designs and expert craftsmanship. Our mission is to be the leading multi-channel marketer of luxury home products with unsurpassed quality and value that consistently exceeds our customers' expectations.

Always with style and grace like no other in its past. Each season brings a wealth of new ideas culled from our most highly reputable sources including the world's most renowned artisans, allowing us to showcase their unique products, passion and vision.